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UCT Research Report '11
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i trial to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of low-
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Chiririwa, H., Meijboom, R. and Omondi, B. 2011.
2 - ( T h i oph e n - 2 - y l ) - N - ( 4 - { ( E ) - [ 2 - t h i oph e n - 2 - y l )
Crystallographica Section E, 67:o922.
Chiririwa, H. and Meijboom, R. 2011. Dichlorido[2-
d i p h e n y l p h o s p h a n y l - N - ( p y r i d i n - 3 - y l me t h y l )
benzylidenamine-2P,N]platinum(II). Acta Crystallographica
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Chiririwa, H. and Meijboom, R. 2011. Dichlorido{N-
[ 2 - ( d i p h e n y l p h o s p h a n y l ) b e n z y l i d e n e ] - 2 , 6 -
Section E-Structure Reports Online, E67: m1496.
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of the phenylurea herbicide cycluron with permethylated
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D’hooghe, M., Kenis, S., Vervisch, K., Lategan, C., Smith,
P.J., Chibale, K. and De Kimpe, N. 2011. Synthesis
of 2-(aminomethyl)aziridines and their microwave-
assisted ring opening to 1,2,3-triaminopropanes as
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substituent in the selective inhibition
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metal and intramolecular hydrogen bond in activity and
resistance. ACS Chemical Biology, 6: 275-287.