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UCT Research Report '11
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Department of
Mathematics and Applied
(Including the Cosmology and Gravity Group, the
Laboratory of Foundational Aspects of Computer Science
(FACS-Lab), the Marine Resource Assessment and
Management Group (MARAM), Industrial Mathematics,
and the Topology Research Group)
Head of Department: Associate Professor
Vasco Brattka
Departmental Profile
The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
houses a number of research groups and individual activities
which, in total, cover a large part of the mathematical
spectrum. Examples are: cosmology and relativity,
computational and applied mechanics, marine resource
assessment and management, rangeland modelling,
industrial mathematics, foundational aspects of computer
science, topology, category theory, nonlinear mathematical
physics, functional analysis, cryptography, string theory,
financial mathematics and algebra. The Department has
active research collaboration with other groups in the country
and abroad. There is a strong postgraduate program, with
M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in a variety of fields. A number
of staff have NRF A-ratings and B-ratings. The Department
has a good technical and administrative infrastructure, and
regularly hosts visitors from abroad. More information can be
found on the website
Departmental Statistics
Permanent and long-term contract staff
Associate Professors
Senior Lecturers
Lecturers (full-time)
Senior Scholar
Research Staff
Technical Support Staff
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Honorary staff
Emeritus Professors
Emeritus Associate Professor
Visiting Professor and Principal research officer
Research Associate