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faculty of SCIENCE
Research Fields and Staff
Permanent and long-term contract staff
Professor Igor Barashenkov
Nonlinear waves and solitons; nonlinear dynamics;
mathematical physics.
Professor Bruce Bassett
Observational and theoretical cosmology; nonlinear
optimization. Research astronomer at the South African
Astronomy Observatory and senior researcher, African
Institute of Mathematical Sciences.
Professor Doug Butterworth
Director, Marine Resource Assessment and Management
Group (MARAM); particular focus on South African
fisheries, northwest Atlantic fisheries, and southern bluefin
tuna, Antarctic whale and krill resources.
Professor Kathy Driver
Special functions, orthogonal polynomials and
approximation theory.
Professor Peter Dunsby
Director of the National Astrophysics and Space Science
Programme; Co-Director of the Astrophysics, Cosmology
and Gravitation Centre; cosmological perturbations;
cosmic microwave background anisotropies; gravitational
lensing; inflationary cosmology; cosmological magnetic
fields; on-line mathematics education.
Professor George Janelidze
Category theory; algebra; topology; sets and logic.
Professor Hans-Peter Künzi
Topology, orders, categories, combinatorics and their
applications in analysis and algebra; particular focus being
the theory of asymmetric topology; leader of topology and
category theory research group
Professor Daya Reddy
South African Research Chair in Computational Mechanics
Director, UCT Centre for Research in Computational
and Applied Mechanics (CERECAM); mathematical and
computational aspects of continuum mechanics; the finite
element method.
Associate Professor Vasco Brattka
Computable analysis; effective descriptive set theory;
algorithmic randomness.
Associate Professor Christopher Gilmour
Pointfree topology and sigma-frames; categorical topology.
Associate Professor Charles Hellaby
General relativity; cosmology; gravity.
Associate Professor Alexandar Ianovsky
Dynamical systems – finite and infinite dimensions;
differential geometric methods in the theory of dynamical
Adjunct Associate Professor Graeme West
Mathematics of finance.
Dr Peter Bruyns
Senior Lecturer; group theory; permutation groups.
Dr Christopher Clarkson
Senior Lecturer; cosmology; gravitational waves; non-
linear perturbation theory; braneworlds -black holes;
quasi-normal modes.
Dr Jurie Conradie
Senior Lecturer; functional analysis; vector lattices; von
Neumann algebras; non-commutative function spaces;
mathematics education.
Dr Francoise Ebobisse Bille
Senior Lecturer, calculus of variations; PDE; mathematical
and computational aspects of continuum mechanics; the
finite element method.
Dr John Frith
Senior Lecturer; frame theory; topos theory; categorical
topology; mathematical education.
Dr Henri Laurie
Senior Lecturer; mathematical biology, in particular
ecology; industrial mathematics; mathematics education.
Dr Jeff Murugan
Senior Lecturer; string theory, quantum gravity,
Dr Anneliese Schauerte
Senior Lecturer; frame and biframe theory; categorical
topology; uniform and quasi-uniform structures.
Dr Nora Alexeeva
Lecturer; nonlinear dynamics and solitons; pattern
formation in reaction-diffusion systems; synchronization of
chaotic systems.