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UCT Research Report '11
Dr Margaret Archibald
Lecturer; analysis of algorithms and combinatorics.
Dr Mark Berman
Lecturer; group theory; universal algebra; set theory and
model theory.
Dr Tirivanhu Chinyoka
Lecturer; computational fluid dynamics.
Dr Ebrahim Fredericks
Lecturer; lie symmetries analysis of stochastic differential
equations; lie symmetries analysis of partial differential
equations; lie symmetries analysis of ordinary differential
equations; applying lie symmetries to fluid mechanics,
applying lie symmetries to mathematics of finance.
Dr Robert Martin
Lecturer, functional analysis; operator theory.
Dr Andriy Pototskyy
Lecturer, rectification of brownian motion, directed
transport of particles in molecular rectifiers; many body
systems: non-equilibrium dynamical density functional
theory; fluctuations and noise induced motion: stochastic
differential equations, jump processes, collective
phenomena in coupled stochastic networks; pattern
formation in complex systems.
Mr Kenneth Rafel
Lecturer; mathematics education.
Dr Jesse Ratzkin
Lecturer; geometric analysis.
Dr Neill Robertson
Lecturer; functional analysis; locally convex spaces;
descriptive set theory; infinite-dimensional holomorphy.
Dr Deon Solomons
Lecturer; thermodynamics of spacetime; Interference and
diffraction phenomena in gravitational lensing; structure
formation in the universe; theories of higher order gravity.
Dr Holger Spakowski
Lecturer; theoretical computer science; computational
Dr Christine Swart
Lecturer; cryptography, number theory, recurrence
Dr Vitali Vougalter
Lecturer; nonlinear analysis; partial differential equations;
mathematical biology.
Dr Amanda Weltman
Lecturer; string theory; cosmology; gravity.
Senior Scholar
Emeritus Distinguished Professor George
Distinguished Professor of complex systems; cosmology
and general relativity theory; emergence and functioning
of complex systems, including the human brain; science
policy; mathematics and science education; metaphysics
of cosmology and its connections to ethics and religion;
social indicators.
Research staff
Dr Anabela Brandão
Senior Research Officer, MARAM; Southern Ocean
toothfish assessment;SA west coast rock lobster surveys;
minke whales, SA abalone assessment.
Dr Carryn de Moor
Senior Research Officer, MARAM; S.A. sardine and
anchovy assessment and management.
Dr Susan Holloway
Senior Research Officer, MARAM; S.A. west and south
coast rock lobster and horse mackerel assessment; whale
management procedures.
Dr Kenneth Hughes
Honorary Research Associate; number theory; algebra;
algebraic geometry; topological quantum field theory;
p-adic analysis, nil-theta functions.
Dr Éva Plagányi-Lloyd
Honorary Research Associate; multispecies modelling;
fisheries assessment and management ecological
modeling, S.A. abalone assessment.
Distinguished visitors
Emeritus Professor Bernhard Banaschewski
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – pointfree
topology; partially ordered algebraic systems; applied
category theory.
Professor Roy Maartens
Director of Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University
of Portsmouth, UK – Relativity, Cosmology, Gravity.
Honorary staff
Emeritus Professor Ronald Becker
Differential equations (bifurcations, abstract equations);
theory of algorithms (graph partitioning, sorting networks)
and Mathematical Finance.
Emeritus Professor Guillaume Brümmer
Topology and category theory group; categorical topology;
asymmetric topology and uniformity.