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faculty of SCIENCE
D. Cruickshank (Chemistry)
Physicochemical studies of the inclusion of selected
agrochemicals in cyclodextrins.
Supervised by
Professor M. Caira and Professor S. Bourne
Y. Cui (Statistical Sciences)
Contributions to statistical machine learning algorithm.
Supervised by
Professor R. Guo
T.S. Dlaza (Botany)
Development in culture, ecophysiology and nutritional
content of three South African Porphyra (Rhodophyta,
Bangiales) species.
Supervised by
Professor J. Bolton and Dr R.J. Anderson
I.N. Durbach (Statistical Sciences)
Simplified models for multi-criteria decision analysis
under uncertainty.
Supervised by
Emeritus Professor T. Stewart
C.S. Ealand (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Identification and characterisation of the activated
defence response in the commercially important
agarophyte, Gracilaria gracilis, following exposure to
disease elicitors.
Supervised by
Associate Professor V.E. Coyne
Z.G. Ginbot (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Characterisation of two, desiccation linked, Group 1 LEA
proteins from the resurrection plant Xerophyta humilis.
Supervised by
Professor J. Farrant and
Professor N. Illing
E.G. Grosch (Geological Sciences)
Determining the physicochemical conditions on the early
Earth: Barberton scientific drilling project, South Africa.
Supervised by
Associate Professor S.H. Richardson, Dr
A. Fagereng, Professor H. Furnes and
Professor B. Robins
E.M. Guantai (CHEMISTRY)
Curcumin-related hybrid compounds as potential
anti-malarial agents: Design, synthesis, mechanistic
investigations, biological evaluation and pharmacokinetic
Supervised by
Professor K. Chibale
M.B. Gush (Botany)
Water-use, growth and water-use efficiency of indigenous
tree species in a range of forest and woodland systems
in South Africa.
Supervised by
Dr E. February and Dr P. Dye
S.P. Hachigonta (Environmental and
Geographical Science)
Assessing maize water requirements in the context of
climate change uncertainties over southern Africa.
Supervised by
Professor B. Hewitson and Dr M. Tadross
E.B. Hager (Chemistry)
The design and synthesis of new transition metal
co-ordination complexes as potential antimalarial agents.
Supervised by
Professor T.J. Egan and Professor J.
Moss (deceased)
T. Hoffman (Zoology)
The spatial ecology of chacma baboons (
Papio ursinus
in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa: Towards improved
management and conservation strategies.
Supervised by
Associate Professor J. O’Riain
M.G.W. Jones (Zoology)
Individual variation in reproductive success in the
wandering albatross.
Supervised by
Associate Professor P.G. Ryan
S.W. Kimani (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Catalysis, substrate binding and specificity in the
amidase from Nesterenkonia species.
Supervised by
Professor B.T. Sewell
T. Lamont (Oceanography)
Bio-optical investigation of phytoplankton production in
the Southern Benguela ecosystem.
Supervised by
Professor C. Reason and Dr R. Barlow
I.T. Little (Zoology)
Bird reproductive success as a tool for understanding
the impacts of land-use management on moist highland
grassland biodiversity in South Africa.
Supervised by
Professor P.A.R. Hockey
S.K. Mafwila (Zoology)
Ecosystem effects of bottom trawling in the Benguela current
system: Experimental and retrospective data analyses.
Supervised by
Professor J.G. Field, Dr L. Shannon and
Associate Professor A. Jarre
A. Maunder (Computer Science)
Designing appropriate interactive systems for the
developing world.
Supervised by
Associate Professor G. Marsden
G.K. Mazandu (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Data integration for the analysis of uncharacterised
proteins in mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Supervised by
Associate Professor N. Mulder
A. Mead (Zoology)
Climate and bioinvasives: Drivers of change on South
African rocky shores?
Supervised by
Professor C. Griffiths
F.J. Mhlanga (Mathematics and Applied
Computation of Greeks using Malliavin calculus.
Supervised by
Professor R.I. Becker and Dr D. Wilcox