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UCT Research Report '11
M.F. Munyololo (Chemistry)
New synthetic routes to functionalised
2-C-alkylglucosides, precursors of potential inhibitors of
mycothiol biosynthesis in the Mycobacteria.
Supervised by
Associate Professor D.W. Gammon
G. Oatley (Zoology)
Taxonomy, phylogeny and eco-biogeography of Southern
African white-eyes (
Zosterops spp.
) Aves: Order
Supervised by
Associate Professor J.H. Hoffmann
A.M.O. Ribeiro (Zoology)
Ecological and evolutionary processes in two Southern
African endemic birds.
Supervised by
Professor P.A.R. Hockey
M. Rouault (Oceanography)
Agulhas Current variability determined from space: A
multi-sensor approach.
Supervised by
Professor F. Shillington
H. Samsodien (CHEMISTRY)
Supramolecular derivatives of selected bioactive
compounds: A physicochemical study.
Supervised by
Professor M. Caira and Professor S.
D. Shuuluka (BOTANY)
Ecophysiological studies of three South African Ulva
species from integrated seaweed/abalone aquaculture
and natural populations.
Supervised by
Professor J. Bolton and Professor
R. Anderson
R. Sithaldeen (Archaeology)
Phylogeny and phylogeography of the Chacma Baboon
Papio ursinus
): The role of landscape in shaping
contemporary genetic structure in the Southern African
Supervised by
Associate Professor R. Ackermann and
Dr J. Bishop
J.A. Slingsby (Botany)
Ecological differentiation and the evolution and
maintenance of Fynbos diversity.
Supervised by
Dr T. Verboom and Professor M. Cramer
M. Spark (Astronomy)
Exploring the application of new telescope technologies
in the testing of dwarf novae accretion models.
Supervised by
Associate Professor P.A. Woudt
A. Tekola (Astronomy)
On evolution of star forming galaxies: the metallicity of dwarfs
and the effect of environment on local luminous IR galaxies.
Supervised by
Associate Professor P.A. Woudt, Dr P.
Vaisanen and Dr A. Kniazev
R.E. Tharme (Zoology)
Ecologically relevant low flows for riverine benthic
macroinvertebrates: characterisation and application.
Supervised by
Associate Professor J. Day and Professor
J.M. King
F. Tummon (Environmental and Geographical
Direct and semi-direct aerosol effects on the Southern
African regional climate during the austral winter season.
Supervised by
Dr M. Tadross, Professor B. Hewitson
and Professor F. Solomon
I.W. Tunbridge (Computer Science)
Graphics Processing Unit Accelerated Coarse-Grained
Protein-protein docking.
Supervised by
Dr M. Kuttel and Dr J. Gain
R. Tuyiragize (Statistical Sciences)
Multi-objective optimisation techniques in electricity
generation planning.
Supervised by
Emeritus Professor T. Stewart
K.L. Van Niekerk (Archaeology)
Marine fish exploitation during the Middle and Later
Stone Age of South Africa.
Supervised by
Professor J. Sealy
R.J.T. Verweij (Botany)
Niche differentiation in savannas: exploring competition-
based hypotheses for inter-life form co-existence.
Supervised by
Dr E. February and Professor W. Bond
L.J. Waller (Zoology)
The African Penguin (
Spheniscus demersus
Conservation and management issues.
Supervised by
Professor L. Underhill
J.D. Woodward (Molecular and Cell Biology)
The relationship between structure and specificity in the
plant nitrilases.
Supervised by
Associate Professor T. Sewell