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faculty of SCIENCE
Associate Professor Mike Picker
Insect ecology; insect biodiversity
Dr Deena Pillay
Awarded the UCT College of Fellows Younger Researcher
Award for 2011
Lecturer; estuarine ecology; rocky-shore ecology; benthic
ecology, biological interactions
Dr Cecile C. Reed
Lecturer; Aquatic Parasitology, freshwater ecology and
Dr Jane Turpie
Resource economics, conservation planning, estuarine
Professor Les Underhill
Director Animal Demography Unit. Interfaces statistics
and biology, in applications of statistics in the biological
sciences, particularly ornithology and ecology
Technical and Administrative Support Staff
George du Plessis – Chief Technical Officer
Granville Faulmann – Workshop/Departmental Assistant
Natalie Jodamus – SAP Administrator
Sue Kuyper – Administrator ADU
Shanaaz Manie – Administrative Officer
Petra Muller – Chief Technical Officer
Jo-Wayne Palmer – Senior Secretary
Liesl Phigeland – Senior Scientific Officer
Andrea Plos – Principal Technical Officer
Contract Research Staff
Dr Marienne de Villiers
SARCA Project Manager. Diversity and distribution of
reptiles in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
Mr Doug Harebottle
SABAP2 Project Manager. Movement data for waterbirds
in the African Eurasian flyway.
Ms Fiona Impson
Development of insect agents for biological control of alien
invasive plants.
Ms Carien Kleinjan
Evaluation of insect agents used for biological control of
alien invasive plants.
Mr Andrew Knight
Terrestrial conservation planning and natural resource
Dr Amanda Lombard
Marine and terrestrial conservation planning.
Dr Heather Malan
Aquatic pollution; water quality; wetlands, sustainable
urban drainage.
Dr Silvia Mecenero
SABCA Project Coordinator. Southern African Butterfly
conservation Assessment.
Dr Dieter Oschadleus
SAFRING Project Coordinator. African Weaver birds
Dr L Shannon
Ecosystem models, ecosystem approach to fishing.
Mrs Donella Young
CAR Project Coordinator. Coordinated Avifaunal
Roadcounts; Long term monitoring of large terrestrial birds
in agricultural landscapes
Mr Edward Hill
EAF group GIS specialist
Mrs Gilly Smith
MBRC Research Officer
Mr Marius Wheeler
CWAC and BIRP Project Coordinator. Long term monitoring
of waterbirds and birds in protected areas
Emeritus Professors and Associate Professors
Emeritus Professor George Branch
Rocky-shore ecology; estuarine and lagoonal ecology;
invertebrate fisheries management; fisheries policy;
subsistence fisheries; impacts of diamond-mining; coastal
Emeritus Professor Gerd Gäde
Invertebrates; isolation and characterisation of
neuropeptides; intermediary metabolism; anaerobic
metabolism; insect flight and its control by hormones;
mode of action of invertebrate neuropeptide hormones;
phylogeny; confirmation of expression of genome
predicted neuropeptides by mass spectrometric
methods; spectrometric methods; cloning of neuropeptide
precursors and their cognate receptors
Emeritus Associate Professor Bryan Davies
River ecology; ecosystem processes; ecological effects of
dams and rivers; wetland ecology
Emeritus Professor John Field
Director Marine Research Institute
Emeritus Associate Professor Jennifer
Small and subterranean mammal ecophysiology and