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UCT Research Report '11
Honorary Professors
Professor David Cummings
Influence of land use policy and practice on biodiversity
and resilience in social-ecological systems
Professor Larry Hutchings
Marine fisheries
Professor Suzanne Milton
Arid zone disturbance and rehabilitation ecology
Honorary research associates
Dr Res Altwegg
Statistical ecology
Dr Lara Atkinson
Dr Paul Barham
Penguin survival
Dr R Barlow
Dr Barry Clark
Dr Rob Crawford
Ecosystem approach to fisheries (as it relates to seabirds)
and the conservation and suitable utilization of South
Africa’s seabirds
Dr A Cockroft
Dr Marienne de Villiers
SARCA Project Manager. Diversity and distribution of
reptiles in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
Dr Deon Durholtz
Fish ageing, squid ageing, fisheries management
Dr D Y Ghebrehwet
Dr David Grémillet
Visiting Research Associate. Functional ecology of marine
birds. Ecophysiology of marine birds facing global change;
functional and evolutionary ecology; avian energetic;
biotelemetry; impact of marine fisheries; polar ecosystems;
Benguela upwelling ecosystem.
Dr H J Hawkins
Dr Jenny Huggett
Dr Alan Kemp
Natural history, behavioural ecology and systematics
of birds, especially hornbills, and diurnal and nocturnal
Dr Sven Kerwath
Dr R W Leslie
Emeritus Professor Cliff Moran
Dr B Paterson
Dr Grant Pitcher
Dr Jean-Paul Roux
Benguela system
Dr T Samaai
Dr Carl van der Lingen
Pelagic fish, fish feeding ecology, pelagic fisheries
Dr H Verheye
Dr Ross Wanless
Seabird conservation; island restoration; invasive alien
species; mitigation measures for avoiding seabird
bycatch in fisheries; population biology and demography
for conservation; seabird and insular ecology, remote
tracking of seabirds at sea, marine protected areas
and marine Important Bird Areas; genetics, taxonomy
and conservation of the Aldabra Rail; conservation and
ecological applications of stable light isotopes
Dr Ingrid Wiesel
Dr Tony Williams
Seabird biology and conservation; the status and
distribution of seabirds in Latin America; synanthropic
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Laura Blamey
Coastal and fisheries ecology
Dr Florent Bled
Dynamic macroecology in conservation
Dr Rutledge Boyes
Rarity & Conservation of African Birds
Dr Aurore Canoville
Palaeobiology of early tetrapods
Dr Susan Cunningham
Sub-lethal Effects of Climate Change on Desert Birds
Dr Fitsum Gebreselassie
Integrated population modelling