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faculty of SCIENCE
Dr Romala Govender
Marine vertebrates from Langebaanweg
Dr Sandra Jasinoski
Biomehanics and functional morphology of non-mammalian
therapsid skulls
Dr Thomas Lado
Inquiline associations in fungal galls
Dr Douglas Loewenthal
Oystercatcher Conservation Programme
Dr Katrin Ludynia
Namibian seabirds in the Benguela System
Dr Rowan Martin
Parrot biology and conservation
Dr Angela Mead
Marine biodiversity
Dr Felix Nchu
Veterinary parasitology
Dr Hilkka Ndjaula
Modeling marine fisheries
Dr Graeme Oatley
Phylogenetics and biogeography of the African white-eyes
Dr Lorien Pichegru
Marine Protected Areas for seabird foraging effort
Dr Timothy Reid
Island Conservation & Seabird Research
Dr Richard Sherley
Seabird biology
Dr Clelia Sirami
Landscape ecology of bats
Dr Antje Steinfurth
Factors influencing the ecology of the African Penguin
Dr Daniel Thomas
Bone digenesis of fossils from Western Cape localities
Dr Yasemin Tulu
Assessment of fossil shark diversity at the Pliocene locality
Dr Kirsten Wimberger
Animal behaviour
Dr Henning Winker
Assessment of Fish Stocks
Research affiliates
Dr Bruce Paxton
Freshwater fish ecology; environmental flows
Dr Geordie Ractliffe
River and wetland impact assessment, management
plans, rehabilitation and biomonitoring; Western Cape river
systems; role of disturbance in invertebrate community
Dr Helen Dallas
Water quality and bioassessment; development and
validation of appropriate biomonitoring tools for river health
monitoring, and aquatic biodiversity and conservation;
development of the National River Health Programme;
development of national water quality guidelines for
aquatic ecosystems; effects of temperature on aquatic
Ms Kate Snaddon
Inter-basin transfer effects, identification of freshwater
invertebrates, biomonitoring, management of rivers,
environmental impact assessment, Ecological Reserve
determination and the mapping and rehabilitation of urban
rivers and wetlands
Ms Justine Ewart-Smith
Ecological Reserve Determination and rehabilitation of
riverine systems, assessing the integrity of rivers and
wetlands for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs);
development of a wetland classification system
Ms Nancy Job
Wetlands (delineation, functional assessment and rating,
mitigation, law and policy), land-use and zoning review,
analysis of aerial photography, GIS and mapping.
Assessment and classification of streams
Mr Dean Ollis
Testing, use and development of ‘tools’ for the assessment
of freshwater ecosystems. Management of water
resources, and the incorporation of ecological assessment
in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Dr Liz Day
Aquatic ecology, specialising in urban river and wetland
management and rehabilitation, impact assessments,
situation assessments, biomonitoring, and specialist input
into Catchment Management Plans