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burden of disease
laboratory programmes have been developed. In this
regard, the only university-based haematopoietic stem
cell transplantation programme in the country is located
at Groote Schuur Hospital. Parallel studies focusing
on haematopoietic stem cell biology and immune
reconstitution after transplantation are ongoing.
Director: Professor N. Novitzky
Centre for Actuarial Research
The Centre for Actuarial Research based in the Faculty
of Commerce is the only unit of its kind at an African
university. It brings together multi-disciplinary teams
to build capacity, improve techniques, and produce
independent research in demography, healthcare
financing, social security, and HIV/AIDS modelling. The
main focus of the centre is on training and research in
demography and modelling the demographic impact of
HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.
Director: Associate Professor T. Moultrie
Centre for Supramolecular
Chemistry Research
This group was constituted in 1997 and focuses on the
physical chemistry of supramolecular systems. Various
host-guest compounds are synthesised, their structures
analysed by means of powder and single crystal X-ray
diffraction, aswell as thermal andspectroscopic techniques,
and the results related to their physical properties. Our
research efforts concentrate on the beneficiation of
drugs through investigation of their polymorphs, solvates,
co-crystals, and cyclodextrin inclusion complexes; on
the synthesis and characterisation of open framework
transition metal structures and purely organic porous
materials, and on the synthesis and characterisation of
large supramolecular assemblies and the study of guest
selectivity in organic host-guest systems.
Director: Professor M.R. Caira
Structural Biology Research Unit
The Structural Biology Research Unit provides a central
microscopy service to all departments of UCT, as well
as to other universities, research institutions, and private
companies. The unit is able to advise users on many
aspects of electron microscopy, light microscopy, and
digital imaging, and can take on joint research. The unit
is a key resource in the South African Structural Biology
Initiative and is offering postgraduate degrees in structural
biology jointly with others at UCT and the University of
the Western Cape. In 2007 the Unit took delivery of an
FEI Tecnai F20 field emission cryo-transmission electron
microscope – the first instrument in this class in Africa.
This instrument enables the determination of three-
dimensional structures of biological objects, including
viruses and protein complexes at high resolution.
Director: Professor B.T. Sewell