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Langerman, F. 2011. Commission: Multi-part permanent
installation. Pathology Museum and Learning Centre, UCT.
Langerman, F. 2011. Commission: Multi-part permanent
installation (with Jos Thorne). Babylonstoren Winefarm,
Paarl/Franschhoek, Cape.
Langerman, F. 2011. Commission: Multi-part permanent
installation. PD Hahn Building, University of Cape Town.
Siopis, P. 2011. After Cardenio. In situ drawings and video
works created for the multi media dramatic production After
Cardenio, directed by Jane Taylor, Anatomy Theatre, Old
Medical Building, UCT’s Hiddingh campus. 25/08/2011 to
Solo Exhibitions
Alexander, J. 2011. Jane Alexander. Security: Surveys
from the Cape of Good Hope. La Centrale lectrique,
Brussels 25/03/2011 to 21/08/2011.
Brundrit, J. 2011. Nature Study. AVA Gallery, Cape Town.
08/08/2011 to 02/09/2011.
Campbell, K. 2011. From the experiences of a South
African Boxer in Britain. For the GIPCA REPUBLIC festival
on Art, Authority, Nationhood. Cape Town City Hall.
21/09/2011 to 25/09/2011.
Inggs, S.C. 2011. Legacy. Brundyn and Gonsalves, Cape
Town 02/11/2011 to 30/11/2011.
Inggs, S.C. 2011. Inheritance. Hacklebury Fine Art Ltd,
London, UK 12/05/2011 to 11/06/2011.
Siopis, P. 2011. Who’s Afraid of the Crowd? Stevenson
Gallery, Cape Town. 14/04/2011 to 21/05/2011.
Younge, J.G.F. 2011. Cheval de Bataille. Forteresse de
Salses, Perpignan, France 25/06/2011 to 31/10/2011.
Curated Exhibitions
Lamprecht, A. and Jessa Mockridge. 2011. 10 Years ON.
Michaelis Galleries, Cape Town. 02/03/2011 – 29/03/2011.
Lamprecht, A. 2011. Tretchikoff: The People’s Painter.
(Retrospective exhibition). Iziko South African National
Gallery. 24/05/2011 – 25/09/2011.
Lamprecht, A. 2011. Figuring Difference. (Group show)
Salon 91, Cape Town. 10/08/2011 – 03/09/2011.
MacKenny, V. 2011. Threshold - Climate Change and
Environmental Concerns Michaelis Gallery, Michaelis School
of Fine Art, University of Cape Town 24/09/2011 to 19/10/2011.
Skotnes, P.A. 2011. Landscape to literature. Michaelis
Galleries, Hiddingh Campus, Cape Town 18/08/2011 to
Group exhibitions (Curated)
Alexander, J. 2011. Celebrating 20 Artists. L’ancienne
Residence, Johannesburg, South Africa 18/08/2011 to
Alexander, J. 2011. Contemporary African Photography
from The Walther Collection: Appropriated Landscapes.
Curated by Corinne Diserens. Walther Collection, Neu-
Ulm/Burlafingen, Germany.16/06/2011 to 13/05/2012.
Brundrit, J. 2011. Trading Freedoms. Curated by Bettina
Malcomess. University of London. 28/10/2011 to 29/10/2011.
Brundrit, J. 2011 Does your lifestyle depress your mother?
in ‘A Natural Selection: 1991 – 2011’ a group exhibition
curated by Clare Butcher. AVA Gallery, Cape Town 21
November 2011 to 12 January 2012.
Inggs, S.C. 2011. Landscape to Literature. Curated by
Pippa Skotnes. Michaelis Galleries, Hiddingh Campus,
Cape Town. 18/08/2011 to 06/09/2011.
Inggs, S.C. 2011. Threshold. Curated by Virginia
MacKenny. Michaelis Galleries, Hiddingh Campus, Cape
Town. 24/09/2011 to 19/10/2011.
Josephy, S. 2011. Lens. Curated by Colia Harmsen and
Ulrich Wolf. Sasol Art Gallery, University of Stellenbosch.
05/2011 to 09/2011.
Josephy, S. 2011. Crossing Boundaries: Contemporary Art
and Artists from South Africa. Curated by Jochen Sokoly.
VCU Gallery, Doha, Qatar. 26/01/2011 to 05/03/2011.
Richards, C. 2011. Johannesburg Art Fair (AoP). Curated
by Alet Vorster. Sandton Convention Centre, Sandton,
Johannesburg. 23/2/2011 to 25/09/2011.
Saptouw, F. 2011. Open Books. Curated by Tim Leibbrandt
and Johann du Plessis. Brundyn + Gonsalves, Cape Town.
06/07/11 to 27/07/11.
Siopis, P. 2011. Space, Ritual, Absence: Liminality in South African
visual art. Curated by Leora Farber and James Sey. FADA Gallery,
University of Johannesburg. 10/03/2011 to 23/03/2011.
Siopis, P. 2011. Mine - A selection of films by South African
artists. Curated by Anna Schrade. Iwalewa-Haus, University
of Bayreuth, Germany. 10/03/2011 to 22/03/2011.
Siopis, P. 2011. Appropriated Landscapes: Contemporary
African Photography. Curated by Corinne Diserens. Walther