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UCT Research Report '11
Centre of Criminology
The Centre of Criminology is a research unit linked to the
Department of Public Law. The Centre aims to initiate,
co-ordinate and develop research and extension services
in the broad field of criminology, and to promote public
interest in all aspects of criminology.
Current research in the Centre focuses on two main
areas in criminology which are physical security and
environmental security.
In the area of Physical Security, during 2011 research was
undertaken on police in peacekeeping in Africa and on
the role of the South African police in the border conflict
of the post-1976 period of South African history. The Plural
Policing Programme of research explored initiatives that
have adopted a plural governance approach to policing
and continued exploring lessons learnt from the Soccer
World Cup. Another project involves working with the
Government of the Western Cape to develop a ‘whole of
society’ security governance approach to develop a set
of design principles for the Western Cape Department
of Community Safety (DOCS) to use in carrying out the
task of ‘improving safety’ in the province. This includes
police oversight and the role of Community Police Forums
(CPFs); the safety of provincial institutions, people and
assets, such as schools, hospitals and clinics.
The Environmental Security research programme is
focused on the emergence of environmental security as an
area of (in) security that is becoming increasingly relevant.
The programme builds upon criminology’s established
concerns with risks that threaten human well-being and
how these risks are, and should be, governed. In doing
so it seeks to expand the boundaries of criminology in
ways that will enable it to assist in understanding and
responding to the new environmental challenges, such as
climate change, that have already become such a crucial
feature of the new century.
Permanent and long-term contract staff
Associate Professors
Senior Lecturer
Administrative Staff
Research Staff
Honorary Research Associates
Permanent Staff
Professor C. Shearing
Governance of Physical and Environmental Security
Associate Professor E. van der Spuy
Policing (public); International Assistance to Policing in Transition;
Security Sector Reform; Police Reform; Peace-keeping
Ms. J. Berg, Senior Lecturer,
Governance of Security; Plural Policing; Policing
Honorary Research Associates
Dr L. Lazarus
a lecturer at St Anne’s College, University
of Oxford
C. Cullinan
, Director, EnAct International, Practising
Environmental Attorney
Associate Professor J. Froestad
, Institute of
Administration and Organization Theory, University of
Research Staff
Ms E. Atkins (Information Manager)
Multi-media Electronic Resource Library
Mr T. Herbstein
Environmental Security Programme
Professor J. Cartwright
Urban Security Programme
Ms L. Joubert
Contract Researcher, Food Security
Administrative Staff
Ms V. Toleni
Administrative Assistant
Ms T. Hume
Finance Administrator
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr G. Super
Prisons and Crime in South Africa
Contact Details
Postal address: Centre of Criminology, 6.34, 6th Level,
Wilfred & Jules Kramer Law Building, Middle Campus,
University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7700
Telephone: +27 21 650 4486
Fax: +27 21 6503790